Would You Rent Puppies for Your Bachelorette Party?

When you think bachelorette party a few very strong images may come to mind: Strippers, obscene lollipops, and some sort of veil headbands and glittery T-shirts. But would you ever consider turning something on the raunchy end of the spectrum to something heartwarmingly adorable? We’re talking puppies!

According to The Wall Street Journal, puppy rentals are becoming an increasingly popular party trend, especially for events like a bachelorette party. One New York City resident recently rented the pups — often aged two to six months — for her friend’s bachelorette, and the party trick went off without a hitch. “It’s a classy alternative to a stripper. We put Julie in a chair, blindfolded her, played that music that always comes on when strippers dance and told her to reach out and touch something,” Lawrence told The Wall Street Journal. After tying her up, they put the puppies in her arms. “Her reaction was the best thing ever.”

A few number of companies offer this special service, including Torrance, California based Puppies and Reptiles for Parties, whose owner said they have anywhere from 70 puppies at a time and offer one-hour rentals starting at $200 with 10 dogs at a time. For Brooklyn-based Puppy Paradise, a puppy package includes four dogs for an hour starting at $175 in Brooklyn and $250 for Manhattan (adding additional puppies is $35 per dog).

While you may think throwing a number of young pooches to a random group of people’s way may be dangerous, one customer assures the handlers are very impressive. “I’m particularly sensitive to how animals are treated,” one father who rented puppies for his seven-year-old’s birthday party said. “There are certain theme parks I will not go to because of how they do things, and this did not feel exploitative. The handler was really genuine.”

So there you have it ladies: To spice up a bachelorette party all you need is a handful of puppies!

Article courtesy of www.msn.com/ lifestyles


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